Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bull-Boxer Pit

Although the name isn't the coolest or most inventive in the world, the Bull-Boxer Pit is a pretty cute dog. No two Bull-Boxers look alike, and no two should be considered a new fancy breed. These are solely mix breed dogs with a fancy name.

Description: The Bull-Boxer is a large dog breed that will have various coat colors, tail placement, facial structure, and coat length. Overall, these dogs should have a strong-built body with a barrel-like chest. For the most part, the coat will be short, but this can vary, and as for the color, the options are wide and varied. You may see tan, white, black, brindle, red, as well as tan/white, black/white, brindle/white, etc.

Temperament: Given that this is a mix between a pit bull and a boxer, or really a boxer and any bulldog (you may see these as just bull-boxer dogs without the 'pit'), you'll never have a general temperament. All one can do is guestimate on the temperament of this mix based on the temperaments of the breeds that make it. You will find that these dogs will remain in a puppy-stage for about 2 years, give or take. They do enjoy human and animal company and socialization.

Height: On average, males and females, may range from 16-27 inches.

Weight: Females and males may weigh between 35-75 pounds

Lifespan: The average lifespan is between 10-13 years.

Lifestyle: Apartment or home with/without a yard will be sufficient, as long as daily exercise is provided. But, you will find that these dogs can be fairly active, so a yard is more beneficial.

Health: Heart disease, skin cancer, sunburn, and obesity can be potential concerns, as well as hip dysplasia, which are typical health concerns for boxers and bullies.

Registered Kennels: Bull-Boxer Pits can be registered dogs, but they will always be a mix breed. The American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), Dog Registry of America, Inc (DRA), International Designer Canine Registry (idcr), and the Designer Breed Registry (DBR), will register a 50/50 boxer/pit bull.

If you're interested in owning and raising a bull-boxer pit, you'll want to check out your local kenels and shelters.

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