Monday, October 17, 2011

Pitweiler - Pit Bull Rottweiler Mix

There are so many different dog breed mixes, so it's not uncommon to find funny names for some of the more common mixes. One of the popular pit bull mix breed dogs is the Rottweiler Pit Bull mix, which is more commonly referred to as the Pitweiler, Bullrott, Rottbull, Prott, RottPit, and various names in-between. But, when it all comes down to it, the Bullrott is nothing more than a Pit Bull Rottweiler mix.

This mix of dog can be a powerful dog. This mix will be an emotional dog, loving, and affectionate. This mix will be loyal, noble, and very goofy. The Pitweiler will have a great temperament, especially as long as it is socialized at a young age.

A Pit Bull Rottweiler will have a tendency to have high energy and dominance concerns. Being that both breeds are great with children, you'll find that the mix will also be great with kids, but with any large breed dog, you'll want to make sure that you don't leave any young child unsupervised with this mix.

As for looks and the overall appearance of a Rottbull, you'll find that as a mix, the appearance will vary. The overall appearance, will be strong, powerful, and  pronounced. The dog will weigh about 45 to 100 pounds, and will have short hair, large muscles, and large feet.

The health issues will vary, as this is a mix breed dog, but you can average the health concerns by those of the parent breeds- Pit Bull and Rottie. Hip dysplasia, chicken allergies, and dry skin, are potential health problems to keep in mind.

The average lifespan will vary between 10 to 15 years.

If you think that you want to bring a pit bull rottweiler mix into your home, check your local shelter for something like what you're looking for. As with any dog breeds and mixes, shelters and rescues are always going to be your best place to look first.


springfever said...

I have this mix and got her from a shelter at age 2. She was a bit difficult to train at first. Confident and headstrong. But she came around with persistence by the owner, regular exercise and lots of love. A very loving dog, good with my kids although perhaps a little rough with little ones. I watch her carefully around small children just for her exuberance. When I got her she was slightly unstable--could be fearful/aggressive of men and being "surprised" but that is all gone now. She is barely interested in leaving the couch to see who is at the door. Best thing: regular exercise.

bev said...

My sister, husband and sister in law and her dog we just attacked by two pitweler's on Monday. The little dog who was on his leash being walked may not live. The three adults are now a mess and are terribly freightened by the sight of a dog. Not sure why they attacked them but they did. If you have dogs like this please make sure you take care of them and make sure they can not get out of your home or yard

Andre Sales said...

So are you going to post the other 30K dog bites that occur thoughout the us that happen yesterday or just this one

Andre Sales said...

So are you going to post the other 30K dog bites that occur thoughout the us that happen yesterday or just this one