Monday, June 20, 2011

Pit Bull Tattoos

There are so many people with tattoos, that there's no wonder that some of those people have tattoos of their dogs. I for one, have a tattoo of a Pit Bull on my back, so I know that there are others.

I'm going to showcase a few pictures below, but you'll find that the tattoo pictures that I'm going to offer are not of the viscious Pit Bull, but of just the dog, as a dog.

I know that when I got my tattoo, I did not want a Pit Bull tattoo with the cropped ears or mean demeanor. Some people like that, but it is not a part of the breed to which I wanted on my body. I found a few pictures and flashes, and had a tattoo artist mix and combine. Now, the overall tattoo isn't quite what I expected, as the toes aren't perfect and the ears aren't as floppy as I originally wanted, but I love it, nonetheless.

But, anyway, below you'll find various tattoos of pit bulls. You'll find some with cropped ears and some without. You'll find some with docked tails and some with natural tails. There will be an assortment of tattoos of pit bulls, but you won't find the snarling pitbull tattoo.

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