Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Puppy Teething Stage

All dogs go through a teething stage as puppies. As pet parents, it’s not the best stage to go through. You can loose many socks, shoes, and even furniture, if you’re not careful. But, you can actually make it through the teething puppy stage.

As a parent to a new APBT puppy, you may have already determined they have very strong jaw muscles, and you may have figured out that they like to chew! This, is usually the cause of the teething period that can last several months. But, don’t fret…

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You may have all the teething toys and tons of chew toys, but the pup still prefers your shoes. Well, don’t hit the dog, or punish the dog. You can actually praise the dog every time he picks up your shoes, but remember to take the shoe away from him as soon as you praise. No, this doesn’t teach the dog that it’s ok to play with your new shoes, but instead to take your shoes and give them to you.

You can try tying old socks in knots, in order to differentiate what he can and cannot chew one. Take the knotted sock and dip it in a broth. Freeze the sock, and give it to him once frozen. This is a tasty new toy that he can chew on.

Try nylabones. Never rawhides or greenies.
Frozen fruits and veggies, but make sure to avoid those that can pose harm to your pup.

You can overcome a teething puppy. It just takes a little time and a lot of patience.

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